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Hygienic Mag Meter in London Brewery Image
Hygienic electromagnetic flow meter application in a London brewery by Bell Flow Systems. The client required a highly accurate meter with minimal wear and tear to ensure longevity and low maintenance.
10 April 17
NewVIc Wins Queen Mary CosmicCon competition for a second consecutive year   PRESS RELEASE   March 2017       NewVIc Wins Queen Mary CosmicCon competition for a second consecutive year   Four NewVIc A-level Physics students participated in the Queen Mary University of Lond
05 April 17
New for 2017 - Plum Mac R6 Image
The Plum Mac R6 data logger is programmed via Bluetooth with free downloadable mobile phone applications using the OptoBTEx optical head allowing the user to connect to the device without the need for tools or wires.
05 April 17
High Net Worth Marketing, a tailored approach Image
Press Release - London, 29-03-17   High Net Worth Marketing, a tailored approach The word exponential is often used to describe the pace of technological change which has come to define the world we l
29 March 17
New FMT 3 Innovative Digital Meter Image
The FMT 3 meter is a rugged multi-purpose digital turbine flow meter featuring a symmetrical measurement chamber which allows the device to be used with flow in both directions.
27 March 17
The Wilton Centre has achieved its largest letting for the last 10 years, leasing 36,000 sq ft of office and training space to create a new state-of-the-art training centre for a Middlesbrough-based international electrical safety training provider.
27 March 17
Railtex 2017 – Hoppecke to debut money-saving Lithium-Ion battery for eco-friend Hoppecke Industrial Batteries will use Railtex 2017 to show for the first time in the UK its Lithium-Ion (LiOn) battery designed specifically for use in locomotives with hybrid drives.
27 March 17
Use wood wisely Image
Norbord explains how the UK Government's current policy for subsidising the burning of wood for energy production displays flawed logic and science.
16 March 17
Ultrasonic level measurement goes wireless Image
The demand for wireless communication in the field of sensors and measurement devices is forever increasing, with technology development operating nonstop. Introducing the new LNU ultrasonic level measurement sensor that are completely wireless!
16 March 17
New contract reinforces Cooper’s partnership with waste specialist The UK’s main facility dedicated to the safe and efficient disposal of low level radioactive waste has reinforced its partnership with Cooper Handling Group after awarding the company a new five-year contract to maintain its mobile site equipment.
13 March 17
Ultrasonic Flow Meter Installation for Aquatic Exhibit Specialists Image
Bell Flow Systems recently provided a solution for an aquatic exhibit company to ensure their water quality was good enough for aquatic creatures.
09 March 17
Environmental credentials of biomass Image
Biomass is not always the environmentally-positive energy solution that it is claimed to be and subsidies are distorting the market; this is the unequivocal message from Norbord.
27 February 17
Holistic approval boosts leading HIUs hot water credentials Image
Having always been able to demonstrate compliance with WRAS/KIWA requirements for water quality, the H2 Heat Interface Units offered by Stokvis Energy Systems have now been granted overarching certification through the regulatory scheme.
20 February 17
M-Series oval gear flow meters are back! Image
Incorporating the unique oval rotor principle into its design has enabled M-SERIES positive displacement flow meters from Macnaught to offer proven reliability and excellent levels of accuracy and repeatability.
06 February 17
New for 2017 - Vision Turbine Flow Meters The Vision Turbine series are ideal for metering low volume flow rates within industrial or commercial equipment and consumer appliances. Typical applications include beverage machine drink dispensing and coffee machine flow monitoring.
03 February 17
New for 2017 - Qalcosonic Heat Flow Meters Image
Introducing the Qalcosonic heat meters. The meters are MID Class 2 Approved for RHI and billing purposes for both heating and cooling applications. Utilising ultrasonic technology means meters has no mechanical moving parts, ensuring long term accuracy.
26 January 17