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The 12th of December is the record day for employee lateness
The 12th of December is the record day for employee lateness

  • ·        71% increase in employee lateness on the 12th of December
  • ·        63% increase in employee lateness on the 11th of December

On the 10th December, the UK experienced the coldest night of the year with temperatures plunging to -13 degrees so it's no surprise that today as employees battled to get into office due to treacherous driving conditions and limited public transport running; people management software company BrightHR saw a 71% increase in the number of employee latenesses logged by their customers using the BrightHR absence system, the highest recorded in 2017.

Alastair Brown, Chief Technical Officer, BrightHR, said: "The effect of the icy conditions and heavy snowfall across the UK have caused major headaches for employers and employees alike as it affected many commuting employees and their ability to make it work on time. In many of the cases logged by our customers employees were late by over an hour.”

“Even though the employee’s lateness is probably through no fault of their own, an employer has no obligation to pay an employee if their public transport is not running or for the hours missed if they turn up late. Whilst there is no obligation, it is recommended that employers be more accommodating in these circumstances and offer to let the employee make up the time on another day so they still get paid, or suggest that holiday is taken on that day.”

“Employers should also consider having an adverse weather policy in place. A bad weather policy will solve any potential problems by explaining what the business expects employees to do during a harsh winter. The policy needs to outline what expectations and steps the business requires the employee to take to make it in to work and would also need to contain what would happen if staff cannot make the journey, such as flexible working, non-entitlement to pay, discretionary payments or the offer to cover the absence with annual leave. The cold weather is expected to continue so it’s important that employers are prepared for a winter full of extreme weather.”

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