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Is Your School Lying To You? Careers advice for parents & 15-19 year olds

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When it comes to education, parents must make myriad choices on behalf of their children, but there comes a point when they need to be responsible for their own decisions, such as GCSE and A Level choices, whether to go to college on an Apprenticeship, or to follow a path to University. Clearly, we can advise, as parents, but we all know that these decisions are massive, haunting many a parent years later following their own choices as a teenager.

As a parent, you hope that your child will get sensible, bespoke and helpful advice from their teachers, but what if the careers advice dished out in secondary schools these days is out-of-date, unhelpful, and ultimately aimed at the short- rather than long-term success of that individual? Edd Williams is a parent and a recruitment specialist, who works with schools and students, to help them get a much clearer perspective on the choices available to them, and how to get the career they want and the life they deserve. Edd believes that while education and the job market are changing, careers and uni advice remain stagnant. His book,Is Your School Lying To You?, is written for parents and 15-19 year olds facing myriad potentially life-changing decisions.

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Is Your School Lying To You?

Get the career you want

Get the life you deserve


The world is changing. Education is changing, but careers and university advice isn't, and more than that it hasn't for the last 30 years. The teachers we are trusting with our children's futures lack the essential skills and experience to competently advise them on careers and university - a view that is also held by employers, Ofsted, The Department for Education and other think-tanks.

[image]Is Your School Lying to You?is the complete, comprehensive 'how to' academic and careers guide aimed at every school pupil and college student considering their options. Offering real world insights about how to identify what you really want from your life, how to plot your academic journey and its impact on your career prospects. Featuring easy to follow, step-by-step instructions on how to write your personal statement or CV, advice from successful people from a variety of industries, best practice for interviews, work experience, internships and a host of other critical skills to help achieve your goals - even if you don't know what those goals might yet be. This guide is for anyone between 15-19 who is struggling with their decisions, those who want some clear advice about what they should be doing and when, or those who know exactly what they want but aren't sure how to go about it. In fact, it's aimed at every student and parent who cares about their future or the future of their child.

About the Author

For 14 years, Edd Williams has helped people get jobs. He's worked with global corporations and tiny SMEs, he has spoken to CEOs and graduate trainees. He has found engineers in South Korea and nuclear scientists who speak French to work in Norway on contracts. He's spoken to literally thousands of people to understand what they are looking for in a job or what they are looking for in an employee. He's coached them through interviews, to actively listen, to mirror body language, to ask the right questions, to be confident but not arrogant, the right way to shake hands, how to close the deal.

Edd has studied, edited and written over 100,000 CVs: 25-30 CVs a day, 260 days a year for over 14 years stacks up. So, when a teacher who's moved directly from university into teaching tells students how to write their CV or what an employer is looking for it makes him kind of angry. At best, it's irresponsible at worst it's negligent.

Edd is a parent, a school governor, a recruitment consultant and an academic consultant. He's got three little people at home and when he's not working to try and secure a comfortable present for them he's worrying about their futures. The more Edd worried, the more he looked into the schooling they'd receive, and the more worried he became. Working for many years in recruitment, he knows what the job market demands, what employers look for and he now knows, through the statistics, anecdotal evidence and first-hand experience, that schools up and down the country just don't get it. The work he does with students and employers has further convinced him that too many schools are lying to their students about what they should be doing to get the kind of careers and consequently the kind of lives they want. He's trying to change all of this through his book -Is Your School Lying To You?- and his work at Duart Consultants.


"I think young people deserve better, so that's what this is about, to help you, the parents - know what you can do to help and why you shouldn't take everything the school says at face value or you, the student - to figure out how to make the most of the opportunities you have, to carve out the life you want." -Edd Williams



Title:Is Your School Lying To You?

Author:Edd Williams

Genre:Education, Careers

Publisher:Ortus Press

Publication date:31Jan 2018

Availability:Paperback, eBook


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