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It's pretty rare to find someone championing the Super Rich, but we are working with Caroline Garnham, who has decades of experience working with multi-millionaires and billionaires throughout her legal and financial career. Britain has more billionaires than ever before and entrepreneurialism is widely respected in our society, yet, it seems that when you reach this elusive
Super-Rich status, you can become vilified for your success. Caroline offers a unique perspective on the rights of the Super-Rich, advises them on who they can trust and who they should work with, has plenty of advice for businesses and individuals regarding how they should and could work better with the Super-Rich, and myriad opinions on hot topics including the Paradise Papers. If you'd like to read Caroline's two new books that launched earlier this week in London (Uncovering Secrets: Winning Business From Private Clients and When You Are Super-Rich, Who Do You Trust?) or would like to invite Caroline to contribute an article/comment or invite her for an interview, we'd love to hear from you.
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Uncovering Secrets: Winning Business From Private Clients

By Caroline Garnham


Britain has more billionaires than ever before...this new book by legal and financial guru Caroline Garnham is dedicated to building trust with the Super-Rich! It is written for advisors working - or wanting to win new business - with the Super-Rich.


"Stop treating your clients like a necessary nuisance," advises Caroline Garnham.


  • Are the good times over for the private client industry?

  • Is it right that the private client industry has become the whistle blower for governments?

  • Do the rich get good service from the industries in business to serve them?

  • Why are private client professionals given so little training in how to provide their clients with a good service?

  • What are the benefits of a trusted relationship?


[image]Caroline Garnham worked as a private client lawyer for more than 25 years. She knows how hard it is to win new business from private clients. So, when she took a break from private practice as a lawyer for many of the world's Super-Rich, she wanted to find out what they wanted from their investments, luxury product providers and professional advisors, and how to make it easier for them to get what they want. The Super-Rich may not have misgivings about a mortgage or where the next meal is coming from, but they do have their own worries, which need to be understood and served.


This book,Uncovering Secrets: Winning Business From Private Clients, is designed to help advisors understand the Super-Rich and to show them how they can give their clients what they need in order to manage their wealth and lives in the manner they want.


"It is much easier and cheaper to win business than you could imagine, but to be successful, you may need to rethink how to go about it," explains Caroline.


Uncovering Secretschallenges existing ways of doing business with the Super-Rich, since the old model is not working. Each chapter challenges the advisor to understand their clients and give them what they want, by looking after their clients' best interests, building trust and winning new business.


Six top tips taken from the book:

  1. Choose clients you like.

  2. Your clients are not experts - go at their pace.

  3. Focus on your client, not your expertise.

  4. Don't be afraid to care.

  5. Actively manage your network.

  6. Ask yourself: what are the eight most important things I need to do today that will help me achieve my goals?


About the Author

[image]Caroline Garnham is the leading expert in the world of trusts and succession for the super-rich. She was head of the City law firm Simmons & Simmons private client team for fifteen years, Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Taxation, nominated top five private client lawyers, proposed and drafted legislation for the Bahamas, which became law as The Executive Entity Act 2011 and pioneered an area of law Family Governance.





Title:Uncovering Secrets: Winning Business From Private Client

Author:Caroline Garnham

Publisher:Filament Publishing

Publication date:07/11/17

Availability:Paperback, eBook, International distribution

Category:Business, Finance, Personal Finance, Law



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