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Introducing a new book written for the Super-Rich by Caroline Garnham

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We would like to send you a copy of this new book - When you are Super-Rich, who can you trust? - by legal and financial guru Caroline Garnham. Please let us know if you'd like to see a copy? Caroline has decades of experience working with some of the world's wealthiest families and her new book is dedicated to the billionaires amongst us! Caroline will launch two books on Tuesday 7th November at the Institute of Directors in London: When you are Super-Rich, who can you trust? and Uncovering Secrets: Winning Business From Private Clients (written for advisors and luxury product/service providers). For a press pass please contact Caroline Garnham is available for interview and copies of her new books can be requested by the press for review/consideration.

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When you are Super-Rich,

who can you trust?

By Caroline Garnham


Britain has more billionaires than ever before...this new book by legal and financial guru Caroline Garnham is dedicated to the Super-Rich, entrepreneurs and investors!


  • Why did J K Rowling say she was "terrified" when she made her first million?

  • Why are so many people prejudiced against the rich?

  • What are the biggest anxieties of billionaires?

  • Who will you need to add to your ‘Ring of Confidence' when you become Super-Rich, and how will you manage them?

Caroline Garnham is a leading expert in trusts and succession for the Super-Rich. She has extensive knowledge and intimate experience, developed over decades, as a private adviser for some of the world's wealthiest families.When you are Super-Rich, who can you trust?is an eight-step program, which includes access to videos and questionnaires to help people make the most of their wealth. It also provides a unique insight into the life of the multi-millionaire/billionaire."It is so often overlooked that the Super-Rich give most to our economy, and the lives of ordinary people through their entrepreneurial endeavours. But the rich are a minority, and of the few groups where prejudice flourishes. It is fair game to invade their privacy, expose their weaknesses and publish their private financial data,"says Caroline.


The top 1% of wealthy individuals in Britain pays 30% of the total income tax, its 104 billionaires spend £16 billion in the country, which equates to over £3 billion in VAT.' -Extract from When You Are Super-Rich, Who Can You Trust?


About the Author

Caroline Garnham is the leading expert in the world of trusts and succession for the super-rich. She was head of the City law firm Simmons & Simmons private client team for fifteen years, Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Taxation, nominated top 5 private client lawyers, proposed and drafted legislation for the Bahamas, which became law as The Executive Entity Act 2011 and pioneered an area of law Family Governance.


[image]Her book for the Super Rich is not about law, tax or trusts, it is about human beings who happen to be rich. With money comes the burden of responsibility; what to invest in, who and how to make donations; charity or children, and how and on what to spend it. Most people think of money in terms of winning the lottery, paying off the mortgage and preparing for old age or misadventure - but what do you if you have too much money?


Caroline has also written another book,Uncovering Secrets:Winning Business From Private Clients, about how to win new clients - if the target market does not want to be contacted. Caroline spotted a gap in business training relating to how to win business and build trusted relationships with the Super-Rich...



"I never thought I would feel sorry for the Super-Rich. Caroline Garnham has exposed ‘the other side of the coin,' in identifying the issues they face. This is a book which every self-made successful individual should read and digest - preferably before they cash in their fortunes!"- The Lord Flight (Howard Emerson Flight, Conservative member of the House of Lords)



Title:When you are Super-Rich, who can you trust?

Author:Caroline Garnham

Publisher:Filament Publishing

Publication date:07/11/17

Availability:Paperback, eBook, International distribution

Category:Business, Finance, Personal Finance, Law



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