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How To Get The Career Of Your Dreams In 2018

[image]Mind Flip author Zena Everett plays to win: "catch up with the serious job of work"


As the New Year approaches, now is the time to think about what you REALLY want from your career in 2018. Recruitment & careers expert Zena Everett is on hand to provide some straight-talking advice to make a real difference to your future


London, United Kingdom, 31stOctober 2017: Generating change for yourself at work is always possible, no matter how daunting or challenging it may seem, but it must start from within. When you inhabit the full scope of your own authentic talents you quickly unlock the secret of lasting self-confidence that will help you achieveeven morethan your next pay rise or promotion.


Achievable goals are key. Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg sets himself a personal challenge each year. In 2017, he pledged to visit every US state* (Texas in January, followed by Southern States in the Spring, ultimately reaching over 40 destinations so far.) Of course, while UK corporate culture can be affected by influencers across the pond - your own individual challenges should be custom-built - by you, for you. You just need to take the time to consider what you really want and then how you can get it.


That is not to say that achieving your career dreams in 2018 must be a solo endeavour; support is at hand. Zena Everett is a London-based motivational speaker and executive coach, with extensive experience of helping people to smash their career goals. Zena specialises in working with women to boost career confidence, set work goals, and improve productivity and performance issues. She can help provide the answers to burning questions that preoccupy many of us as we look to a fresh start for the New Year, such as:I feel like the Mum in the office, what should I do? How do I handle rejection after a failed job interview? Should I be a middle-aged intern? Why am I afraid to go for a promotion? Why do I feel like an imposter in work now I'm the boss? I want to ask for a pay rise but how?


Mind Flip is Zena's must-read career manual. The book focusses on successful tactics for those looking to change jobs, achieve promotion or find more fulfilling work. "All of us need to figure out our unique cocktail of skills, knowledge and experience that makes usindispensable" says Zena.


Mind Flip distils pithy chunks of support with insights and exercises to bone up with. Easy tips and pointers help the reader to identify the types of work that are most meaningful. With stronger insights about work goals and productivity you get to inhabit a bigger future with transferrable skills that are primed and ready for fresh external challenges. These highly personal audits can be undertaken regularly and Zena shows you how!


Your work may span decades - but change is always the main constant. The second key action is to examine your performance and make adjustments. Mind Flipping applies to everyone who wants the career of their dreams.


In a recent op-ed for the WSJ** Sheryl Sandberg highlighted the ongoing need for gender parity. To start the process, Sandberg suggests that we must first acknowledge what remains to be done... "While younger men and women were more likely to say that supporting women in the workplace is important, there's a big disparity between the way the youngest generation in the workforce prioritises this work. The largest gap in personal commitment — saying gender equality is important and being willing to address it — shows up in this age group, with young women being the most committed and young men being the least committed."


Zena Everett adds: "Women in particular do not want to return to work to be the office Mummy; we are there on our own terms, not as a ‘Returner', but as a vital contributor. Organisations do value our wisdom, gravitas, networks and expertise."


Although some millennial men sound like feminists, levels of misogyny and imbalances in household chores have seen no significant improvement in this generation. The infamous Google Memo*** by James Damore is the tip of the iceberg; there is a scarcity of women in male-dominated industries, too few in leadership roles and women still take less pay home than men in virtually every sector.


Flip in the changes in 2018: they start with you, for you. Make now the time toshow, rather thantell. Mind Flip to keep your work success front and centre this New Year.


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Mind Flip by Zena Everett (Filament Publishing, £14.99, available in all good bookshops and online in Amazon, etc.)

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Zena Everett is a London-based motivational speaker, executive coach specialising in career confidence, work goals productivity and performance issues. Her book - Mind Flip - is a must-read career manual for anyone looking to change jobs, achieve promotion or find more fulfilling work. Written for all career stages from Graduate to Granddad, including Mum Returners, disabled workers, over 50s, women in business and the new self-employed, it is the culmination of Zena's many years of working in recruitment and career coaching. Mind Flipping is to flip your focus away from yourself and instead look outwards - on to the value you add and the problems you, uniquely, can solve for other people. Graham Norton believes that this philosophy will help you transform the way you look at your career - for ever! The book provides you with everything you need to fire up your career, including a foreword by the DeeDee Doke, Editor of Recruiter Magazine, on the future of recruitment and talent management.


What you'll find in Mind Flip by Zena Everett:

Everything you need to fire up your career; from working out your skillset; negotiating offers maintaining a long-term career strategy, from graduation up to retirement:


• A cliché free interview style for job searches and promotion boards, which makes you the obvious, no brainer candidate

• A process to halve the time it takes to find better work - permanent; freelance; contract; part-time; or portfolio

• Techniques for working out what you are best at; the type of work most meaningful for you; and your transferable skills

• Special sections for mature workers and returners

• Proven tactics for passing interviews and internal promotion panels using great case studies

• Demystified competency based interviews

• Answers for questions they shouldn't ask you but want to

• Networking skills, which help you get around the ‘jobs for the boys' culture

• Ways to make direct approaches

• Help, if you are starting off as a freelancer or in self-employment

• Tricks to work out how to change careers

• Common sense reasons why you are more successful than you think

• A career strategy to avoid future derailment and build on your success

• Loss of fear of selling yourself


Articles available for media placement by Zena Everett:

Zena has written a series of thought pieces and Q&As, on topics from ‘Help! How do I stop feeling like an Imposter?' to ‘How to improve your networking skills', ‘Oldsters vs Millennials: stop moaning and start talking', ‘Why women need to man up', ‘How to get a pay rise or promotion' and a lot more. Her book is packed with gems ...we can send you a copy if you'd like to see it?


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