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I’m 31 and retiring my husband from his job today!

Noor Hibbert


DATE 07/04/2017





Breaking News: I'm 31 and retiring my husband from his job today!

Inspirational female entrepreneur story



I have cracked the code for the money mindset and online business building and today my husband has his last day at his 9-5 and can now follow his dreams to build his own business. 


At 31 weeks pregnant I left my job after a health scare and started my first online business. I created my own brand of beard grooming products whilst sat in m Pjs from the comfort of my own home. Igenerated over six figures in saleswhilst on my maternity leave, travelled the world and my products got featured in GQ, Tatler and I even got invited to Hollywood to take my products tot h celebrity gifting bags for the Oscars. 


Up until a few years ago, my private school mentality meant I only believed £50k a year was achievable for me and because of the taboos around talking about money, I didn't know any different. I want to help break down those taboos so we can help more women create the money they deserve and desire. 


Now I run a thriving coaching business and am TEDx speaker, helping and inspiring them to create businesses they love around being a mother and I want to spread this message that money mindset work has been a key element in doing this. I also now get to bring up my kids which has been the primary motivation for me. 


Here are my five steps to creating the wealth you desire:


1. Uncover your old beliefs and stories around money. These include things you learnt form modelling, conditioning and specific incidents as a child. I believed making money meant 50 hours a week because that is what my parents did. I now can work less than 15 and comfortably make five figures every month.

2. Reprogramming your mind for success and money.  Creating new thought patterns and beliefs. They include removing fear-based beliefs around scarcity. Also a big factor for women is fear of success and what that means for them as a woman 


3,. Having a clear action plan for the business you want to build


4. Investing in a mentor. We live in a world where we are so sceptical that everything is a scam. Actually there are 100's of people out there willing to show you exactly how the created their wealth and I just followed them. 


5.  Surrounding yourself with like-minded people. Being able to talk about money with other women and what you can earn is a massive part of generating wealth. The taboo around talking about money is what is keeping people in fear and broke!







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