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Bartercard confirmed as a commercial partner of Salisbury Football Club
 Bartercard confirmed as a commercial partner of Salisbury Football Club

Bartercard are proud to announce a commercial partnership with Salisbury Football Club. Last year, the team reached the Southern League playoffs and hope that this latest partnership will elevate the club move to the next level.

Jeremy Harwood, director of Salisbury Football Club, said: “It’s great to partner with a global brand, and we look forward to working with Bartercard in the near future.”

Salisbury will proudly display the Bartercard branding throughout the season, and will hope their commercial success is matched on field. 

The club became a Bartercard member in 2017, allowing them access to over 50,000 cardholders globally, and will now proudly partner with the world’s largest barter-trading exchange. The club’s white shirts and black shorts will now prominently feature the Bartercard branding. 

Philip Ciniglio, CEO of Bartercard, said: “We love nothing more than supporting our members. This is a partnership that benefits both parties greatly. We will be proud to have our branding on display around the stadium on match days. We hope that this commercial partnership will allow more members to add their businesses to the Bartercard network”

Bartercard, who have also sponsored the corporate box, have already used this for several of their own member networking events, a fantastic way to showcase the 3,500-seater Raymond McEnhill Stadium to other members.

Bartercard will also prominently display their brand around the perimeter of the pitch, have a full page advert in the match day programme and be displayed in the club bar area. 

Bartercard offers a barter-trading system for businesses to exchange goods and services within a global community. Bartercard acts as a third party record keeper to enable SMEs to purchase goods and services by utilising “Trade Pounds” as a currency across their global network of businesses.

Bartercard offers many benefits such as access to over 50,000 fellow global cardholders, an interest free line of credit to allow businesses to purchase immediately, access to the world trading platform portal, the use of the Bartercard mobile application for trading and payments and free networking events. 

Globally, Bartercard operates in countries including Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA, Thailand, Israel, South Africa and France.

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