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Streamlining the breastfeeding process from expressing to feeding to storing



Press release: 2ndFebruary 2018 

The Hegen Breastfeeding System

Streamlining the breastfeeding process from expressing to feeding to storing


Hegen is a unique modular breastfeeding system designed to streamline the breastfeeding process for today's busy Mums, a system that incorporates expressing, feeding and storing all in the same bottle with no need to transfer the contents, thereby minimising potential contamination, spillage and wastage as well as saving valuable time.

The Hegen feeding bottles feature the patent pending ‘Press-to-Close Twist-to-Open' (PCTO™) no thread system where the lid is simply pressed on and twisted off in a single handed operation.

Hegen bottles are made from PPSU an FDA compliant food-contact grade and NSF certified medical grade material which combines the advantages of glass and plastic and is shatter resistant and durable, high-temperature resistant as well as being BPA, BPS and PVC & Phthalates free. PPSU is naturally amber coloured and contains no artificial pigments.

The unique ergonomically designed square shape of the Hegen bottle makes them easy for babies to hold and also means that the bottles can be stacked to optimise storage space and when used as food storage containers the lids interconnect allowing them to be effortlessly bound together.

The Hegen teat is elliptical shaped and made from super soft silicone closely mimicking the breast and promoting natural latch-on, minimising any confusion and making it easier to combine breast and bottle feeding. The off-centre teat promotes feeding in an upright position reducing the risk of milk back flow and the likelihood of mid-ear complications. The teats have a smart built in anti-colic air vent system which reduces excessive air intake helping safeguard your baby against tummy upsets.

Hegen's breast pump adapters are available in two sizes, standard and wide neck allowing mothers to use the Hegen bottles alongside their preferred breast pump for a seamless and sustainable breastfeeding journey.

The Hegen system includes bottles, teats, breast pump, breast pump adaptors, storage lids and covers, everything you need as baby moves from milk to weaning to solids. Where applicable all products utilise the Hegen PCTO™ system.


Note to Editors:

Hegen breastfeeding system from 150ml bottle £18.95, 240ml bottle £19.95, 150ml breast milk storage £13.95, 240ml breast milk storage (2 pack) £24.95, teats (slow, medium, fast, thick feed) £9.95 (2 pack), breast pump adaptors £16.95 (2 pack), manual breast pump module £49.95, drinking spout £10.95. Also available are starter packs, transparent covers, replacement seals, food storage converters and cleaning equipment.

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