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New appointment in women's health

New appointment: Marketing Director

The Women's Health Clinic is pleased to announce that Freelance Journalist and PR Gina Clarke is now Marketing Director at The Women's Health Clinic. With nine clinics nationwide, Gina can provide news and case studies on innovative treatments in women's heath at all levels. From key topics such as vaginal rejuvenation, menopause, fat reduction and stem cell beauty, to a demand for sexual health and contraception in the private sector.

Gina is currently working on subjects such as:

Why women could need artificial testosterone as they grow older
Women's ovaries naturally produce a small amount of testosterone, as they reach peri-menopause and the menopause this production slows down and then stops, causing a loss in muscle strength, an inability for the body to process fat and a lack of sex drive. Our (somewhat controversial) BHRT model could provide a quick and easy solution.

The data driven female
With the rise of home blood tests and tests for everything from DNA to muscle and fat composition, women are more aware of their bodies than ever before. Prone to a state of constant change throughout their lives, from adolescence to womanhood, childbirth, menopause and the monthly cycle in between, women are perpetually examining their own bodies. Previously we have called them hypochondriacs, but do women just need more data? Talk to us about our well-women and menopause blood tests.

Moving on from Mesh 
With the vaginal mesh scandal at full force, how can women who either need surgery of have had this surgery keep on top of their symptoms? A record number of women are currently in touch with the clinic who fall in to these categories, with the Managing Director waiting for such a surgery herself. Instead, they come to The Women's Health Clinic for a 15-minute laser treatment to keep their symptoms at bay. While mesh can in its simplest form stop a prolapse, it doesn't do anything to repair the damaged cells that maybe be leaking, or atrophied. That's where our laser comes in. 

Finally, Gina is leading our campaign that calls for more knowledge on common women's health conditions from school upwards. You can see more about the petition 

For more information, Gina can be reached at