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Two new additions to Roughneck Gorilla Bar® range


January 2018

Two new additions to Roughneck Gorilla Bar® range

Olympia Tools is set to help tool stockists capitalise on the success of one of the bestselling and most popular brands of wrecking bar currently on the market.

The company - which distributes the Roughneck brand of hand tools and workwear - has recently extended its widely respected Roughneck Gorilla BarÒ range by developing and repositioning two of its existing products.

Both of the products in question now benefit from a number of refinements including an enhanced shape.

It's this key aspect which has led to them being added to the Gorilla Bar® range which is marketed under the proposition - ‘the shape makes the difference'.

The first of the two products to be refined and repositioned is the Roughneck Utility Bar™.

Renamed the Roughneck Gorilla Utility Bar™, this tool now benefits from an innovative profile which is "I" shaped in cross-section.

This enables it to deliver much greater levels of strength and rigidity compared to bars with a uniformly flat profile which can be prone to bending under pressure.

Further features offered by the new Roughneck Gorilla Utility Bar™ include a flat anvil on the neck which can be used for striking as well as three integrated nail pullers.

The second product to be added to the Gorilla Bar® range is the enhanced Roughneck Bonsai Bar™.

Now called the Roughneck Gorilla Bonsai Bar™, this tool also benefits from a revised shape which enables it to deliver even greater levels of strength.

Another new feature is a magnet which has been incorporated into the head to help with securing and picking up nails and screws after removal.

The Roughneck Gorilla Bonsai Bar™ also has a flat heel enabling it to be struck with a hammer whilst the tool can double as a mini-hammer in its own right.

Two variants of the Roughneck Gorilla Bonsai Bar™ are available.

The first has a regular claw tip specifically for removing nails and the second has an extra wide tip complete with a nail removing notch. This latter, wide tip version has been designed for maximum effectiveness in removing skirting, architraves and other mouldings without damaging substrates.

Both the Roughneck Gorilla Utility Bar™ and Roughneck Gorilla Bonsai Bar™ are made from hardened and tempered alloy steel and enjoy an attractive finish which includes a black powder coating and polished tips.

Both tools are also supplied on purpose-made hang tags to ensure easier and more attractive merchandising.

Speaking of the new additions to the Roughneck Gorilla Bar® range, Vahe Der Kureghian, purchasing and marketing director at Olympia Tools, comments: "The refinement of the Roughneck Utility™ and Bonsai Bars™ reflects our commitment to continued improvement however the decision to reposition them within our Gorilla Bar offer wasn't taken lightly.

"This range is so well regarded around the world that we are highly selective about which tools are marketed under the Gorilla name. We're confident the new Roughneck Gorilla Utility Bar™ and Roughneck Gorilla Bonsai Bar™ are worthy additions to the brand and can deliver all the quality and performance tool users have come to know - and expect."

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Two new additions. One bestselling brand. Olympia Tools has extended its highly respected Roughneck Gorilla BarÒ range with a new Roughneck Gorilla Utility Bar™ and a new Roughneck Gorilla Bonsai Bar.

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Notes to editors:

  • With its head offices and showrooms in Reading, Olympia Tools (UK) Ltd is a British based importer and distributor of premium quality, competitively priced hand tools and other products for the professional tradesman and serious DIY enthusiast.

  • Olympia Tools prides itself on offering new, innovative and high performance products sourced from reputable manufacturers across the world.

  • Specific and well-known brands available from Olympia Tools include Roughneck, Gorilla Bar, Thorsen, Power Grip, Wood Grenade and the MUTT (Multi Use Tough Tool).

  • Olympia Tools has been trading in the United Kingdom for almost two decades.