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Anita Cassidy's 'Appetite' launches in London to rave reviews




‘Appetite' Launches in London to

5-Star Reviews

A Novel by Anita Cassidy


On Thursday 25thJanuary 2018, more than 50 friends and family joined Kent-based writer Anita Cassidy to celebrate the release of her debut novel, ‘Appetite' (RedDoor Books, January 2018, £8.99).


Anita hosted a book launch party at Clerkenwell & Social in London, where she read the first few pages and signed copies of her new novel. ‘Appetite' was written over two consecutive NaNoWriMo competitions - National Novel Writing Month is an annual, Internet-based creative writing project that takes place during the month of November. ‘Appetite' has received myriad four and five-star reviews since its launch earlier this month, with its key themes surrounding our desire for food, sex and change, resonating strongly with many people. At this time of year, when many of us have reduced/stopped our alcohol (Dry January) and are monitoring our sugar intake, ‘Appetite' is a novel that has captured the attention of fiction fans.


Review by Anita Gray on Goodreads:"‘Appetite' is a thought provoking, delicious piece of art from Anita Cassidy that follows three individual, well-developed characters - David, who's overweight and still lured by food; Naomi, who's the everyday mother hungry for more than her bore of a life (who's story alone I'd love to read time and time again); Matthew, who desires to make a difference but is torn between his wants and needs.
‘Appetite' is captivating, enticing, and before I knew it, hours had flown past and I was still glued to the pages. I'm an extremely picky reader, so when the clock strikes 4am and I'm still lost in a book, I know it's an extraordinary read. 
I can't wait to see what else Anita Cassidy brings to the world of books. She has fast become a ‘one click' author for me."



About the Author

[image]Having moved around a lot as a Forces child, Anita Cassidy moved to London on graduating and worked in newspaper advertising sales and management for ten years before having her family. Interested in food and personal development, she wrote a weekly blog whilst raising her family before discovering NaNoWriMo in 2012. Fascinated by the intersection between ourselves and our social and cultural environment, as well as neuroscience, philosophy and psychology, Anita loves to let these subjects inform her writing. Anita is a writer, a relationship radical, a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt and a friend. She is also a lover of old books, new music and (mostly) clean food. Whilst she understands the limitations of labels, she separated from her husband in 2016 and identifies as bi-sexual, polyamorous and is engaged with the BDSM scene in London. Anita lives in London and Kent. Above all else, Anita is curious about everything: about life, about learning and about love.


Notes to editors:
Photo credit: Karen Gorbutt. Photo caption: Anita Cassidy signing copies of new novel ‘Appetite' at the London launch on 25/01/18.



Anita Cassidy is available for interview and editorial commission about the major themes that thread through her novel ‘Appetite': sugar addiction, Big Food and marketing, infidelity and relationship choices, our reliance on food as a comfort blanket for ourselves and those we care about, teaching and education for teens today - particularly from the perspective of teenagers who ‘don't fit in' such as lead character David, the strain on relationships caused by being one of the ‘sandwich generation' (i.e. caring for children and ageing parents), our desire (or fear) of change, conscious monogamy and radical relationships.


Meet the author at book groups

Anita Cassidy is very happy to meet with local (Kent and London) book groups to answer questions about ‘Appetite' and there is a discounted rate available for book groups when buying direct from the publisher (RedDoorPublishing).


Copies of ‘Appetite' can be called in for review and competition prizes by members of the press.




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