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HR Leader urges employers to take responsibility following Davos World Forum

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HR Leader Peter Lawrence urges employers to take responsibility about precarious career paths following Davos World Economic Forum

"The Davos paper does not reference the employer's responsibility in guiding and shaping career development" says HR Expert

Business and political leaders meet in Davos [from 23-26 Jan 18] to discuss the world's most pressing issues on the après-ski.

On the agenda for discussion are the perils and dilemmas for young people faced with choosing a career in these times of the "fourth industrial revolution" - where new technology, such as artificial intelligence is changing the nature of work, and makes it difficult to predict what vocations and professions will be needed in the future.

 Making a career choice has always seemed to be difficult for many of us, unless we are lucky enough to have a calling. Careers advice historically was limited to "join the army or the police force". At the same time traditional vocations such as milkman, miner or steelworker are in short supply, while choices left to individuals are comprised of a large element of luck.

 Peter Lawrence from HR Consultancy Human Capital Department comments:

"Forward looking companies are now guiding employee's career development to enable them to follow a "career road map" ensuring that they build their own skills and capabilities and contribute more to the organisation and its future success. These maps can be future proved with organisations reviewing and updating skills required periodically.

In an Oil and Gas Company - Drilling Exploration skills were no longer needed as the company transformed Exploration to Operating Company. The Career Development Map reflected this change and equipped employees with related skills that were needed going forward.




Company Bio: Peter Lawrence founded award-winning HR consultancy Human Capital Department in 2012. The company now has several stand-alone products, such as a telephone helpline and payroll. Ann HRMS platform is coming soon.