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UK garden centres to stock Keter’s 340-litre garden composter with a difference
 UK garden centres to stock Keter’s 340-litre garden composter with a difference in 2018

It will be easier to make your garden green and gorgeous thanks to a Stewart Garden's new Keter 340-litre Garden Composter, available from UK garden centres throughout 2018. 

The new product stands out from the crowd as a unique wood-styled composter that fits neatly and stylishly into any garden surrounding. This high-quality new product is manufactured from a recycled resin material in a whisky-brown colour that suits all outdoor surroundings. What's more, its practical design of a wide access space for filling and a hinged opening top lid makes it easy and straight-forward to use. 

The benefits of investing in this type of equipment are that not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also efficiently transforms your kitchen and garden waste into rich composter fertiliser. Add your waste, let it process, then access your rich and fertile compost via the door in the base of the composter body. 

Using the compost that you create will improve soil quality by helping it to retain air, nutrients and moisture. This, in turn, leaves your plants healthier and hardier. It’s also a green and sustainable way to manage your waste rather than adding to solid waste landfills. 

The Stewart Garden and Keter team are proud to introduce this new style of sturdy and ergonomic composter for their customers looking for something more aesthetically pleasing and easier to use than the traditional “Green Dome” composters currently widely available. This product has already been successfully introduced by Keter into European and American markets and is likely to be a hit with UK garden centre customers.

Alan Slack, marketing manager at Stewart Garden, explained, “Our new composter for 2018 is easy to assemble, easy on the eye and makes it easy to produce high-quality compost to keep your garden looking green and fresh. And with an RRP of just £59.99, we think the price is as attractive as the design. We’re excited to see them in UK garden centres soon.”

Thanks to a recent business merger, Stewart Garden is now a proud member of the Keter family, giving them access to the larger group's significant technical expertise. They also benefit from the resources of the market leader in quality plastic home and outdoor storage solutions - which promises exciting developments for the Stewart brand in future years.

Based in Banbury, Oxfordshire, Stewart is proud to be a British manufacturer. Their priority is always in achieving the highest possible product quality while sticking to their principles of efficient and lean manufacturing which meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001 Quality and Environmental requirements. 

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