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Italian cookery legend Valentina Harris releases 'The Italian Regional Cookbook'

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We are very excited to be working with inspirational Italian cookery legend Valentina Harris ahead of the official launch of her new cookbook this Valentine's Day! 'The Italian Regional Cookbook' is THE ultimate Italian cookbook packed with more than 300 recipes and 1500 provides a culinary tour around Italy in beautiful detail. We have a selection of recipes from the book available for media use that will help people create the ultimate romantic Valentine's Day dinner for two. If you'd like to see the book we have a limited number of hardbacks in the office (you won't miss this book arriving - it's massive!) and we can send you a digital link. If you want to run any recipes, interview Valentina, or require more information, don't hesitate to get in touch. Published by Lorenz for just £25 this really is the perfect book for home cooks who adore Italy!
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The Italian Regional Cookbook

What Valentina Harris doesn't know about Italian cooking isn't worth knowing. Valentina has published more than 30 award-winning cookery books, and has been a familiar face on television, and at food festivals and events across the country for decades. Tracing her family history back to the 1300s, through the illustrious Sforza dynasty, it's clear that a passion for Italian cuisine runs through her veins. This is THE book that every passionate home chef needs in their kitchen. It will become well-used and treasured, passed down over generations to come. Packed with Valentina's extensive knowledge and experience,The Italian Regional Cookbookis the ultimate culinary tour around Italy. There are more than 325 recipes and 1500 photographs packed into this book with incredible detail on a region-by-region basis. It is easy to lose yourself in Valentina's latest cookbook and you'll soon be inspired to create traditional dishes for your own friends and family.


The Italian Regional Cookbook

[image]Famous for its vivid cooking and vibrant ingredients, Italian has time and again been voted the world's best loved cuisine and rightly so. Take a closer look, though, and you'll discover that there is much more to the food than pasta, pizza and risotto. Each region has its own distinct culinary heritage, and makes excellent use of the local ingredients and seasonal offerings to conjure specialities unique to each. Valentina Harris journeys to each area in turn, exploring the cultural heritage and geographical features that have contributed to the evolution of the local dishes, as well as key festivals and traditions. A carefully curated selection of recipes reveals the secrets, with detailed instructions and photographs to help you achieve completely delicious end results.


From the Foreword (By Valentina Harris)

[image] ‘Although I have been living in England for most of my adult life, the place that is home to me is still Italy, in particular the corner of Tuscany, Garfagnana. Years ago, I was fortunate enough to be commissioned by the BBC to present a television series about the regional food of Italy, which resulted in my spending many months travelling around the country to discover the secrets of each region's cuisine. The material that was filmed was woven into a six-part television series, but it was all the research that was undertaken to make the programme that gave me the opportunity to travel the length and breadth of the country, exploring the kitchens, meeting the cooks and producers, and learning so much about what makes up the huge richness and diversity of Italian food. My enduring fascination with the different regional food habits and traditional cuisine of each of the 20 regions of Italy has always been at the heart of my great love for Italian cuisine. I am so pleased to be able to now bring you this beautiful new book illustrating just how diverse and inspiring these recipes are, and how intriguing are the stories and facts that have helped to create them.'


Recipe examples:


This is a Ligurian interpretation of an ancient recipe, which could date back to the 15thcentury. It would have been a clever way of making scraps of cheap meat go further, by putting a filling inside, the cooking it in a sauce to make it tender.


La Torta Margherita - Daisy Cake

This classic cake is traditionally served at tea time for merenda (the snack that children have after their siesta). It is a plain sponge cake, usually covered with a thick layer of icing sugar, or split in half with a chocolate or jam filing. It tends to be rather dry, and is enjoyed dunked into a bowl of milk, hot chocolate, or coffee, or a little dessert wine for adults. It is delightful by itself, and it is also an excellent base for making Italian trifle or any other dessert that requires a plain cake base.


A digital copy of the book can be requested as well as written recipes with high res photos of your favourite recipes. We have a small number of hardbacks available also. For an interview with Valentina Harris, please get in touch.



Title:The Italian Regional Cookbook

Author:Valentina Harris

Genre:Cookery, Food, Recipes

Publisher:Lorenz Books

Official launch date:February 14th2018

Availability:Hardback with jacket, International distribution


Price: £25.00



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