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The Originals: New book out on World Book Day by prize-winning children & teens


The Originals

Original short stories by international young writers - exciting new

collection due 
for release by Hashtag Press

 on World Book Day!


[image]The Originals is a powerful little book that packs a massive literary punch. Each story in this breath-taking collection is written by talented young writers aged between six and 21 years. These hugely authors entered The little BIG Book Competition run by The Lil' Author Skool in 2017. Judged by an independent panel, eight stories selected to be in this new anthology won and a further 16 were chosen as stand-out stories that merited publication. Hundreds of submissions were received from young writers from around the world, from England to Hong Kong, Ireland to Scotland, Belgium to the United States. Launching on #WorldBookDay - 1stMarch 2018 - #TheOriginals is set to be a huge success that showcases the astoundingly high quality of writing by today's children and teenagers - the next generation of authors are already showing what they're capable of and it's incredibly excited for the future of literature!


About The Lil' Author Skool

The Lil' Author Skool is a not for profit organisation. It was founded in 2016 by London born children's/YA author A. Bello, who wrote her debut novel 'Emily Knight I am...' at aged 12! The Lil' Author Skool is passionate about encouraging young people to read and write and want to give them as many free and affordable opportunities. The Lil' Author Skool is part of The Author School (GB Entrepreneur Awards Finalists 2016) and help young writers aged 5-21 years old. The little BIG Book Competition started in 2016 and The Originals is their first book.


About A. Bello

[image]A. Bello is a 29-year-old author who was born and raised in London, where she still lives and works. She wrote her first novel at the age of eight - she fought monsters and dragons on a daily basis - and experienced her first taste of ‘being published' after winning a school poetry competition at the age of 12. Seeing her words in print fuelled a passion for writing that remains to this day. A. Bello first began writing the Emily Knight saga shortly afterwards (still only 12 years old!) with the intention of filling the gaping hole in children's fiction for an inspirational, strong, black female, young protagonist. This gap, nearly 18 years later, remains in the publishing world despite continued calls for more BAME background authors and diversity within characters and plotlines.

A. Bello is regularly called to talk at literary events and within the media, she has appeared in Female First Magazine, The Mirror, BBC1XTRA to name a few.


Winning Authors...


Will Shahane,15, Sheffield, England -Lisa Hollander,17, Belgium -Isla Bluebell Thompson,7, Bath -Ava Garnett, 7, Kent -Skyla Beth Botham, 7, North Yorkshire -Macy and Ellie Lewis,6 & 8, Kent -Jamie Martin,13, Warrington -Krystal Song,20, Los Angeles


A full list of all the authors in The Originals can be found here:



Title:The Originals

Original short stories by young writers


Genre:Short Stories, Children's, Middle-Grade, Teens, Fiction

Publisher:Hashtag Press

Publication date:March 1st2018

Availability:Paperback, eBook, International distribution


Price: £6.99



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