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Cardiff Council statement: Windsor Clive Primary School

There has been a lot of media coverage and social media comment about Windsor Clive Primary School this week. 

Following a school performance the Headteacher spoke to the children, providing feedback on their performance. She also spoke to them about aspects of their behaviour. 

What was said, and how it was said, has been misrepresented by a small number of parents who were not present. Some of them also resorted to making abusive remarks on social media. 

Cardiff Council considers this to be unacceptable. The staff and governors at the school have put the safety and well-being of pupils at the centre of their concerns. 

Deputy Leader of Cardiff Council, and Cabinet Member for Education, Employment and Skills, Cllr Sarah Merry, said: "We value the work of all our head teachers and their staff in promoting the wellbeing and the development of our children and young people. 

"In doing this, it is important that our schools have the support of the community and the parents they serve. A successful school relies on everyone working together, with the best interests of the children and young people the priority."