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Swindon Triathlon Club awarded TriMark Club Bronze Accreditation!
 Swindon Triathlon Club awarded TriMark Club Bronze Accreditation! 


Swindon Triathlon Club, announced today, that it has been awarded British Triathlon Accreditation, TriMark Club Bronze - the first club in the South West to receive it. 


Triathlon England has worked with Sport England, under Club Matters, to develop a new accreditation scheme for community triathlon clubs within England called TriMark Club accreditation.  The scheme, launched on 1 April 2017, is for all community clubs, junior and senior, that have an established committee, a recognised constitution and has a membership offer open to everyone no matter what their background.  


Sara Tye, chair of Swindon Triathlon Club said “This is a great achievement for the Swindon Triathlon Club. Getting the TriMark Club Bronze Accreditation just confirms how well the club has been, and is now, managed. Everyone on the committee volunteers, and to manage a club of three sporting disciplines of over 100 members at all levels from long distance ironman through to sprints and all ages demonstrates the work that the committee puts in day in day out.” 


TriMark Club is recognised as a safe, rewarding and fulfilling place for participants of all genders and ages, that want to be involved in the sport of triathlon.  


Swindon Triathlon Club received its Bronze accreditation by meeting the TriMark Club’s strict criteria, which includes:  


  1. Club Management 

  1. Duty of Care and Welfare 

  1. Activity Programme 

  1. Knowing Your Club and Community 


Swindon Triathlon Club boasts an almost equal gender ratio amongst the members. “Triathlon is a growth sport, and we have nearly 50% female and male split”, states Tye. Additionally, this is a club run by coaches and triathletes with one goal  - to help the members achieve and surpass their fitness goals and ambitions.  


David Hooper, regional manager for Triathlon England, said “I would like to congratulate the club on achieving the award, as it demonstrates that the club are operating within our set guidelines and offering a great programme of activities” 


Swindon, known for its acres of outstanding running and cycling routes, inhabits great swimming pools and excellent lake venues. No wonder Swindon Triathlon Club becomes a host to the novice as well as international ironman triathlon competitors. It is well known for its flexible membership options, coupled with the expert knowledge and advice. The club’s recent accreditation confirms its operational standards and the impeccable management.    


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