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Council statement 13/12/17

Cardiff has a positive and proactive approach to assisting rough sleepers into accommodation and we offer help and advice for individuals to engage with the range of services available in the city.


Since April 2017, our Outreach team and partners have brought 119 rough sleepers into accommodation.


We work with charities such as the Wallich, Salvation Army and the Huggard to bring people in from the streets and where this is not possible - because they choose not to access services or accommodation - we work with them on a daily basis on the streets.

We continue to work hard together to support people into services where they can move away from life on the streets and begin to turn their lives around.


There is no policy in Cardiff of confiscating sleeping bags or rough sleepers' personal property. Our street cleansing teams will not remove any clothing or bedding from an area unless it is clear it has been discarded.


 Some individuals who sleep rough leave their bedding on the street, knowing that they can replace it with fresh and clean bedding from homeless charities. Clearly discarded belongings cannot be left all day in shop doorways or on the street where they may cause an obstruction to the public, a fire hazard or health hazard.


 If items look like they have been left to be collected later, officers monitor the area and will only remove after a few days once it is clear they have been abandoned.