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Six months in: Local NHS leaders pledge continuing support


13 December 2017

Six months in: Local NHS leaders pledge continuing support

Dr Fiona Butler, Chair of West London Clinical Commissioning Group, and local GP, said: "As we mark six months since the Grenfell tower fire, our thoughts are with everyone who was affected by the tragedy. This is an especially poignant time for those who are remembering lost family and friends. We have really felt the impact this has had on the community, and we carry this experience with us as we build on the response we have been providing since the fire. As we approach the Christmas period, I want to remind you of our key message, ‘the NHS is here for you now and for the future'."

Claire Murdoch, Chief Executive of CNWL, said: "Myself and all my colleagues working in the area have been humbled by the spirit and determination of the community as they have supported each other through the most terrible of times. The NHS salutes them and pledges our continuing support, with services delivered in ways they want, when they want - in fact the NHS itself has been changed by this experience. We pledge to walk beside you in the years to come."

Dr Oisín Brannick, Grenfell GP from the Exmoor Surgery said: "Six months on from the fire, as a member of the NHS family I want to make sure that everyone is receiving the care that they need. We are doing our best to reach all survivors but this has its challenges. It is very important that if you know someone who needs our help but is not receiving it that you let us know. You can do this by contacting your local GP surgery or by contacting the NHS at any time of the day or night on 0800 0234 650. My thoughts are with all those affected by the fire and I and my GP colleagues are here to help when you need us."

The NHS services are provided collaboratively by Local GPs, CNWL, West London Mental Health Trust, Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust, LCW, the GP organisation providing 111 services and Imperial Healthcare NH Trust.

NHS service offer

  • GPs will fast track Grenfell related appointments and will give longer appointment times to give patients a space to talk.

  • Call the free NHS, 24/7 helpline, 0800 0234 650 or emailing any time.

  • Trauma support: There is a free and confidential NHS service for children and adults affected by the Grenfell Tower fire; provides support if the adult or child are feeling traumatised, unable to sleep, having memories or pictures of the event unexpectedly popping into your mind, or feeling anxious, stressed or worried. People can self-refer at:

  • Outreach team 7 days per week, with extended hours: The job of the outreach team is to take the NHS to people who need it, where they are. As well as going door to door, they're also based (with Hestia and Blenheim Drug & Alcohol services) at Notting Hill Methodist Church from 11pm to 8am and from 10am until 8pm at The Curve, 10 Bard Road, W10 6TP. The team also offer training and support to volunteers, responding to the concerns of neighbours, family and friends and holding clinics tailored to local need (available on request by calling 020 8962 4393 or by emailing

  • CAMHS teams have work with schools and families to provide mental health support to children and adolescents. This may involve an assessment to see if the child is showing signs of distress, and if so, referring to an appropriate service. CAMHS accepts referrals from health professionals (including GPs), schools, and colleges, but also family or carer. Self-referral is also available by calling 0800 0234 650.

  • Fast track respiratory care: If people are worried, about their breathing they can make an appointment with their GP who can assess them and if necessary refer you to a specialist respiratory clinic provided by Imperial College HealthCare NHS Trust which will treat both adults and children. The NHS will fast track anyone affected by the fire, so they shouldn't have to wait longer than 14 days to be seen after the referral. More respiratory information and guidance is available at

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