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Press release: 13thDecember 2017 

The Reward Box

An inspiring, educational and fun take on rewarding your child


The Reward Box is a very clever way to encourage your child in lots of things, whether its potty training, making healthy food choices, trying new foods, homework, reading or tooth brushing there are many ways in which it can used.

Available in two designs, Fairy or Pirate, The Reward Box comes with a pouch of 20 silver stars which can be posted in the box each time they achieve a pre-set goal.

Children will love being able to reward themselves a star and working out how many to go before they can be exchanged for their reward, be that a treat, a promise voucher, family activity or a favourite toy given back.

Both designs of Reward Box come complete with a set of stickers containing letters and fun characters to decorate and personalise the box for your child.


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