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Getting a new kitchen and starting from scratch


13 December 2017

Getting a new kitchen and starting from scratch



Pictured left is BLANCO's Envoy tap range. Pictured right is BLANCO's Etagon sink. Pictured top is Chris Smith, BLANCO UK.

Since you spend 60% of your time in the kitchen at the sink, it makes sense to start planning a new kitchen by getting sink and tap savvy. UK specialist, BLANCO's essential guide offers all the know-how you need to achieve a washing-up zone that's practically perfect in every way.

1) Start with the sink

The design and shape of your sink can impact your choice of tap, in terms of any pre-drilled tap holes and design style, so it's always wise to lead with the sink. Begin by considering how many bowls you need - one, one-and-a-half, or two. If you have a dishwasher, you may find one large bowl that can accommodate outsized roasting tins is sufficient. Also think about how you'll use it. The on-trend workstation sink, with built-in chopping boards, colanders and even serving trays is a really flexible, space-saving option.

2) Materials matter

The more you cook and the bigger your family, the more durable and low maintenance your sink should be. While stainless steel remains the most popular sink material, many people are turning to granite composite for cleaning ease and a wide choice of colours. Ceramic used to be reserved for traditionalists but can now be found in sleek, modern shapes that appeal for their crisp, hygienic whiteness.

3) Make it fit

Next consider installation. Inset sinks, which sit on top of the worktop are easy to fit and are suited to any worktop. Check out the latest low-profile versions, which boast a smart, flush-mounted appearance. Undermounted sinks also create a very streamlined aesthetic but should only be used with stone or composite worktops.

4) Tap talk

On average, we use our kitchen tap 75 times a day, so it's essential to choose a model that is built to last, easy to grip (even with soapy hands), and reflects your needs. In terms of quality, look for ceramic disc controls that will ensure smooth, leak-free operation and also check for WRAS approval, which means it complies with current water regulations. Luxury features to seek out include filtered drinking water and integral pull-out spray hoses. Do be sure to find out if your water system is compatible. Taps designed specifically for High Pressure use will prove disappointing if you are on a low-pressure system; ask your plumber if you are unsure. Also think about the height of the spout, will it be easy to pop pans underneath, and the swivel-factor - if you have two sinks, can your spout be swivelled to reach?

5) Match perfect

The look and material of both tap and sink should complement the overall design of your kitchen - and each other! For a traditional Shaker style kitchen, it's hard to beat the classic combo of a chic ceramic sink paired with a twin-handle mixer tap. More cutting-edge kitchen will suit minimalist, designer sinks and single-handle taps with crisp, angular spouts. Still not sure? BLANCO's website has a ‘model configurator' tool that will help you find your perfect match.

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