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Press release: Turmerlicious instant turmeric lattes



Press release: 11thDecember 2017 

Turmerlicious instant turmeric lattes


A delicious, healthy & soothing caffeine free hot drink



Turmerlicious is a brand of instant turmeric lattes that you can enjoy at home or at work with none of the mess which can leave your kitchen, not to mention your fingers a nice shade of yellow.

Turmerlicious is made from a blend of coconut milk, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, a hint of black pepper (to aid with the absorption of the turmeric), and coconut blossom nectar to add a touch of sweetness. Creator Maggie Howell has developed four delicious naturally flavoured turmeric lattes - Vanilla, Ginger, Choco and Chilli-choc which are dairy and gluten free.

This Oh So Good hot drink is made from the whole turmeric root, now considered a super food, with each mug full containing approx. 1.5g turmeric - which is an excellent daily dose to help bring about the many health improvements associated with turmeric.

In addition it is so simple to make, just 3 heaped teaspoons in a mug, add boiling water, stir well and enjoy.

Turmerlicious is free from:

Caffeine*, preservatives, artificial flavours, refined sugar, GMO products, nuts, eggs and gluten.

Turmerlicious is now available at Holland and Barrett.


Note to Editors:

Turmerlicious - £6.95 per 200g pack (10 servings). Sample 20g packs also available at £1 each. Turmerlicious Caddy £4.00.

Turmerliciouswww.turmerlicious.comTwitterTel: 01252 712453.

Also available from Holland & Barrett stores.

Customer testimonials:


"I'm thrilled to have discovered Turmerlicious - a delicious, soothing hot drink that is packed with your optimum daily amount of the super food turmeric along with other healthy and natural ingredients...and it tastes delicious!" Janey Lee Grace, Author and BBC radio presenter.


"Just ordered yet more - totally addicted, I just love Turmerlicious! I'm sure it has helped my Raynauds as well as helping reduce the pain form the Scleroderma." Monica Walton.


"Really lovely and warming. I have Fibromyalgia so avoid caffeinated drinks and this is a superb way of adding nutrients and giving my body some goodness." Jane Lowey.


"I've now been drinking Turmerlicious every day for a month! I have it in the afternoon as a ‘pick me up' to see me through home life with kids till bedtime." Lisa-Marie McMahon.


*There is a small amount of caffeine in the chocolate versions.


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