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GateHouse Logistics Releases Upgraded Road Theft Tool

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GateHouse Logistics Releases Upgraded Road Theft Tool

Data unifier upgrades fleet monitoring platform for shippers to better combat Europe's€15bnannual trailer goods theft

Nørresundby, Denmark, 11thDecember 2017:Logistics data unifier and aggregatorGateHouse Logistics A/S today announces the release of an updated version of its ghSecure module to help shippers to better combat high-value road theft. ghSecure is a further module of the firm's ghTrack platform for the connected supply chain.

Three road cargo thefts occur each day of high-value goods. In Europe alone, a staggering €15bn is lost each year from truck hijacks transporting goods such as pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, apparel and food. And truck theft is on the up, increasing at an alarming rate of around 40% each year.

Most crimes involve theft from vehicles parked at unsecured parking locations such as autoroute services, industrial estates or lay-bys close to major highways when drivers need to take mandatory rest breaks.

With these crippling losses in mind, countering high-value theft has become one of the major challenges facing transport managers today.

Following successful customer trials and feedback with the initial version of the ghSecure module, an upgraded version is now available to the market and will help shippers to better monitor all their fleets including those of sub-contractors.

With ghSecure, lanes and multiple associated secure routes can be defined. Each truck is then monitored to ensure the transport's compliance with designated secure lanes. The service utilizes geofences around the designated routes creating secure corridors and parking locations.

If a vehicle leaves a designated corridor or makes an unscheduled stop at a non-secure parking location, shippers are immediately notified and can take appropriate actions to better understand the issue. ghSecure alarms can be easily integrated into any Transport Management System and is compatible with any telematics system used by hauliers.

"ghSecure is another example of how the unified data stream from ghTrack can be enriched to resolve real world issues," says Jesper Bennike, CEO, GateHouse Logistics. "The module puts shippers in a better position to monitor fleet movements in real-time whatever the telematics systems being used by carriers and combat high-value road theft."

About GateHouse Logistics A/S

GateHouse Logistics A/S is leading the way that data is securely shared across the entire supply chain, bringing with it much-needed transparency of inbound and outbound logistics. GateHouse champions data sovereignty at the global level and users of our unique data aggregation services are the world's leading transport companies, automotive and retail/wholesale companies and manufacturers. Our smart groundbreaking ghTrack® platform is truly hardware agnostic and compatible with all telematics systems. Singularly, our Industry 4.0 compatible platform transforms data from all diverse telematics systems into one logical data stream. ghTrack® can be easily integrated into any business system. Visit


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