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Morpher - the flat bike helmet for campers and caravaners


Morpher - the flat folding bike helmet for campers and caravaners



The award winning Morpher flat folding helmet is the latest essential piece of kit for campers and caravaners who travel with bikes and enjoy both on and off-road cycling.

The beauty of taking a flat folding Morpher helmet on your trip means you don't have to compromise on your safety by not packing a helmet because they take up too much room in a caravan or car. Morpher's perfect for when there are a number of cyclists on the trip and storage space is especially tight.


The Morpher Helmet folds flat, opens and closes in seconds, is fully CE* and CPSC* safety certified and will protect your head and help to keep you safe wherever you cycle... both on and off-road.

Tim P, a Morpher owner says: "Just spent 5 days riding in Germany with rain and cold weather and some drivers who were not that respectful of bikers. It was easy to be intimidated but thanks to my Morpher helmet I felt safer. It is comfortable, easy to fit and most important easy to carry in a suitcase! Great product".

Last year Morpher was one of TIME Magazine's best inventions of the year, won the Edison Gold Award for Innovation and was Popular Science Magazine's Safety Innovation of the Year. Morpher has a growing fan base among holiday makers, tourers and commuters. It slips into a bag when not in use and of course can be used for all types of cycling, not just when you are on the open road.

Jeff Woolf OBE, inventor of the Morpher Helmet, says; "I know that when packing for a cycling/touring holiday, whether you're camping or taking a caravan, that making the most of available space is essential. I also know that it's not an option to compromise on road safety. So, I invented Morpher, a helmet that would fold flat and therefore make it convenient for people to use a helmet, wherever they are cycling".



RRP £120 available only from the Morpher, price includes free, express delivery.

* CE and CPSC are the standard safety certifications for cycle helmets


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