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DogFit gives homeless dogs new hope

Canicross experts and specialised products providers DogFit are helping rescue dogs to get the exercise they need in Guildford, Surrey. 

Working with the non profit charity Rescue Remedies, DogFit are combining their canicross products and their training expertise so that they can limit the distress often seen in dogs living in kennels. 

Founders Gail Walker and Ginetta George have developed a safe and enjoyable way for individuals to enjoy canicross, the sport of off-road running with a dog. 

Nicky Helyer, kennel co-ordinator at Rescue Remedies, said: "Introducing canicross to our rescue dogs has been one of the best things we've ever done! We've seen hugely positive changes in the dogs including a significant decrease in frustration based behaviours and their confidence levels substantially increasing.”

It is recommended that dogs receive between 30 minutes and 2 hours of exercise per day, depending on the breed. Nicky continues: “Inevitably our dogs seldom get the chance to really let their hair down and stretch their legs - which all dogs need to do. Canicross gives the dogs, and our volunteers, the opportunity to do that.”

In the UK there are more than 30 dogs put down every day because of overcrowding in kennels and difficulty rehoming dogs.

Nicky added: “These immensely positive changes significantly improve a dog's chances of being homed - and then keeping their home too. And whilst they're still with us it's a delight to see tired but happy dogs fast asleep in their beds rather than wandering around, bored, in their kennels! We are so grateful to DogFit for their dedication to our dogs and for bringing canicross into their lives."

DogFit can provide everything owners need to get fit with their dog, including harnesses, waist belts, bungee lines and other accessories. These are all made using the highest quality materials. DogFit have personally tested and recommend everything that they sell and their certified trainers are fully trained in fitting each and every item to help owners get out and get fit with their dogs. 

Co-founder, Gail Walker, said: “If you are already involved in canicross, you won’t need convincing of both the social and fitness benefits it brings. It's a wonderful way to bond with your dog and a great way to keep fit together!”

DogFit also work with the RSPCA in Basildon, and particularly with RSPCA Inspector Marie Hammerton who has been doing some amazing work by taking rescue dogs along to the local Parkrun at Basildon.

It's an initiative that Marie set up herself giving the dogs more exposure and an improved chance of finding their forever homes.

To find out more about DogFit and their products, visit their YouTube channel here

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