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Brent’s CNWL staff set to star on Radio 1


30November 2017

Brent's CNWL staff set to star on Radio 1

Members of staff from CNWL's Park Royal Mental Health Unit in Brent will be heard on BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat programme next week as part of the station's My Mind & Me season.

The forthcoming programme, which also involved staff from two other CNWL services - the Addiction, Recovery, Community, Hillingdon Service (Arch) and the Eating Disorders Service for Children and Young People in Nightingale Place, Chelsea - aims to help people talk more openly about their mental health.

Our Park Royal staff were asked about how we help support and treat people in inpatient settings.

The programmes will air each service individually on December 4, 5 and 7, at 12.45pm and as part of the 5.45pm news, with clips of audio diaries from some of the station's listeners who themselves have mental health problems.

The Park Royal Mental Health Unit's item will air on Thursday, December 7.

Brent Borough Clinical Director, Dr Bill Tiplady, was one of the staff members interviewed for this item.

He said: "I hope that listeners will learn more about these conditions and also understand our part in helping people make their first steps towards recovery.

"In mental health crisis services we see people at their most distressed and vulnerable. Keeping people safe and helping them make their way through a crisis is complex and demanding and a range of approaches and therapies play an important role. Ultimately the aim is to help people get back into their lives and communities."

CNWL Chief Executive Claire Murdoch said: "We want people to talk about mental health and not be scared to do so, and seek help when they have problems. Programmes like this help shine a light on our work and on mental health so do tune in and listen."

Newsbeat presenter Tina Daheley said: ""I'm really proud of the work Newsbeat has done to make all the content around My Mind and Me. It's great that young people trusted us to help them share their experiences of living with mental health conditions. This will hopefully help normalise conversations around mental health."

A documentary featuring four Radio 1 listeners will be released on Monday, 4 December on BBC iPlayer, and there will be online articles and social content to support the above topics each day. In addition to this there will be a series of daily podcasts, the first of which will be released on Friday, 8 December, while Radio 4's PM show is set to pick up some of the content.

For more details:

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Editors' notes

Details about My Mind & Me are on this link:

Photos of Claire Murdoch and Dr Bill Tiplady are attached.

Photos of Tina Daheley are available via the BBC press office.



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