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New Millennials' career book hits number one spot on launch day

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New Careers Book For Millennials Hits Number One Spot On Official Book Launch Day


Susan Scott celebrates the success of her new, best-selling book - ‘How To Have An Outstanding Career' - at a launch event in London's iconic Waterstones Piccadilly


Tuesday 9thMay 2017, London, United Kingdom: As one in four YoungProfessionals (21 to 32 year olds) are on the road to burnout*, a new book by business psychologist, nutritionist and stress expert Susan Scott has quickly resonated with the aspirational Generation Y.


[image]Yesterday (8thMay 2017), ‘How To Have An Outstanding Career' by Susan Scott shot to the top of the Amazon charts (number one best-seller in the psychology category), a huge achievement that coincided with the official book launch held in Europe's biggest book shop (Waterstones Piccadilly). The speedy ascent to best-selling status demonstrates the relevance and timeliness of this significant book, which aims to support Young Professionals to negotiate the career climbing frame - as opposed to the career ladder, take responsibility for their own career path and training, understand the importance of mental health, nutrition and wellbeing, and get to grips with the highly competitive, switched-on world of work we're currently in.


Susan Scott told the 100+ attendees at last night's launch event:"My book is resonating right now with Young Professionals. They're ambitious and driven and their careers have special meaning - in fact it defines them but they're at a loss to know what to do to make their career successful. This means Young Professionals are throwing all the time they can at doing their job and getting recognised. All this ‘doing', with little time for ‘recovering' is affecting their health and wellbeing and if they don't do something about it, will put them on the road to burnout. What they need is career resilience.

"Career resilience is the capability for this generation to apply themselves and create an outstanding career combined with the capacity to cope with the pressures and demands that are endemic to the workplace today. In this context, it is concerning to find that more than 25% of respondents are not coping with the pressure and demands very well at all".



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